Create a Wedding Website - 8b Easy Guide 2021

Design is often defined as the level of intelligence that you can exhibit in a visible way. There are numerous website builders like Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, and many more to build your website in an effortless way just by drag and drop or editing the themes.

Most of the website builders fall short in the availability of the theme to create a wedding website but 8b stands apart from the crowd and facilitates to create a wedding website more straightforward than before. Keep reading this article to find out more about how you can use 8b as the best wedding website builder.

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What is 8b Website Builder

8b is the online website builder which lets you build a responsive website with a few clicks for free with a paid version for added benefits. As any other online website builders, 8b is for the people who don’t have much programming knowledge to make a website but still want to make stunning and effective websites just in a matter of minutes. It is also known for its top-notch website building platform. You can create a website from 8b in just three simple steps: choosing a template, editing the site and finally publishing it.

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It has a very user-friendly interface with lots of customizable options like font, color, texts, backgrounds, images, etc. It has its flexible mobile app from where you can create a wedding website directly through mobile too with ease. You can view the website from different sized devices like smartphones, tablets or even desktops as it is very responsive. You can even connect your own domain in 8b or start with a free website using 8b.io subdomain. The more interesting thing is that you can create unlimited pages in the site and it is well optimized to load very fast.

There are many templates ranging from portfolio, events, shop, gaming, wedding and many more. In this article, we will mostly focus on creating wedding websites using 8b platform in some easy steps.

Be ready to create your wedding website by opening 8b and starting with us by selecting the wedding template from the drop-down menu.

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How to create a wedding website

1. Choose a template

The foremost thing you need to do is to choose a template from the very first 8b homepage. In our case, we are going to build a wedding website for us so we will choose a wedding template from the drop-down menu on the homepage of the 8b website. Now, it will take you to name the page.

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2. Sign up

You will be prompted to Sign Up using Facebook, Google or Email. You can sign up from any one of those options. Then, you will directly get access to edit your website and make suitable changes on the template.

3. Edit the template

Signing up to the website will lead to your own customizable template for your wedding website using 8b Wedding Website Builder. You can change the text fonts, colors, position of the text, images, background color, web page name, social media link and icons, and many more. Designing is just some minutes of work using 8b. You can put your own gallery section for the wedding; manage members to be shown on the website as well as placing the icons.

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The best thing about the wedding website is that it includes counter as well to know when your wedding is actually going to happen.

4. Publish

You can now publish the website publicly after successfully designing the website as per your wish. Be sure to preview your site before publishing to fix any mistakes that may have happened during the design phase. If you want to use the website for free, you will get a free subdomain from .8b.io. For instance, if the website's name is DemoSite, one can get demosite.8b.io instead of demosite.com in the free version. If you connect your own domain, you do not need to face a predicament in publishing the website.

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Tips for wedding websites

Some Tips for your wedding website:

  • Use more photos of your couples/yourself.
  • Use your own preferable color on the website.
  • Make it simple, short and sweet.
  • Avoid writing long paragraphs.


The 8b, one of the best website builders, feels way more easy than any other alternative website builder out on the internet at least for the wedding website. We were able to create a stunning and cool looking website just under some minutes. Isn’t it cool to customize your website with a few clicks without having much knowledge of programming?

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