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CSS3 Gradient Generator Menu Example

CSS3 Gradient Generator

A website has no place on the web if it is made up of ugly, mismatched and persistently solid colors. If anything has been gained from transition of today’s aspiring artists to the digital medium, then it is the ability to easily generate gradients within drawing and image editing software. The web, however, had not shared the world’s fascination with the power of Photoshop or vector graphics, until now.

The latest version of Cascading Style Sheets has entered the Internet scene with a bang! Parameters dealing with gradients, scarce and bland in its previous incarnations, have finally bloomed within the innovative and revolutionary coding environment of CSS3.

For the purpose of proving that this much anticipated development has actually changed the way web designers will handle colors on the Internet, it is sufficient to witness how background images and solid colors are being replaced by CSS3 gradients as we speak.

The gradient CSS3 parameters themselves may not be a groundbreaking innovation in web building history, but the extra features added in CSS3 deserve a special mention. Support of radial gradients alone is nice thing to finally have around, but the introduction of opacity and its use in creating semi-transparent gradient surfaces is sure to catch the attention of quite a few web designers with ideas just waiting to be brought to life.

It would be fair to note that CSS3 still a comparatively new occurrence in web design, with some browsers only recently coming out with support for these feature or planning to in the nearest future. Sure enough, many people are not yet willing to implement CSS3 in their own projects and risk their efforts being unseen by Internet users who experience the web through Internet Explorer 9, for example.

They are, however, eager to try out the newest features and think of ideas for their inclusion in future projects. Naturally, they set out to experiment with the code a bit, but it can feel a bit confusing and awkward when there is no constant graphical output before their eyes. To be able to play around with the variables and see the results unfold before their eyes at the same time, web designers turn to CSS3 gradient generators.

However, if you need to pick out a gradient color for the navigation menu you are designing for one of your website builder software, an even better choice would be referring to CSS Menu builder, a simple and effective tool for creating professional-looking and functional navigation bars in CSS3.

The application will give you complete freedom of choosing the right gradient for a menu, button, sub-menu or any other object, with the added benefit of seeing the whole complete work right there and then!

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