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CSS3 Menu Bar Example - CSS Navigation

Create Your Own CSS Navigation Bar in Minutes

Every website needs a menu. CSS templates and tutorials for creating navigation bars have been in high demand ever since Internet users and web designers realized that, compared to the limiting and clumsy functionality of plain HTML tables, Cascading Style Sheets are the way to go!

Designing your own navigation menu using the latest version of CSS is certainly an option, but it’s hard and time consuming. Now that CSS3 is around, creating your own unique navigation menus has become much easier and requires no coding skills whatsoever. All you need is an excellent free software!

Learning all the tricks of building a cool looking and functional CSS menu bar in the past must have been quite hard for you, and it is understandable why you don’t rush back to looking for all the latest advice and tutorials to catch up with the latest features of CSS3. Finding a decent template would be a nice idea, but implementing one for your website would take away from its unique feel and make it look unprofessional in the eyes of visitors. For online businesses, serious publications and even respected bloggers it’s just not an acceptable solution.

You could always turn to a professional coder for help in designing your very own CSS3 navigation bar. It sounds well enough in theory, but working with another person on turning your imagined navigation bar into hardcoded reality of CSS3 can cost you weeks or even months of work, and letting the coder decide could just leave you disappointed. At least it would get the job done, sure. This might as well work for you, if not for one little detail.

Why pay someone for something you can do yourself?

Indeed, there is currently a nifty free software available online called CSS3 Menu, which offers you the full functionality of CSS3 coding within an easy to use and intuitive user interface. Rounded menus, dynamic buttons, shadows and all the other cool features are there. It doesn’t use JavaScript and is compatible with all the browsers, even those that don’t support CSS3!

There is no learning curve and all you have to do is decide what you want from your navigation buttons, then change your mind, modify them, instantly see the result and so on, until you’ve created the CSS navigation menu you want. As many times as you want!

Stubbornly relying on proven older methods or learning all there is to know about the latest version of CSS might work. However, it will still take up lots of your time in the process. Going with the software route is easier, will take almost no time of yours and CSS Menu is available online for free!

Websites must take advantage of the benefits of CSS for creating navigation menu bars. The dynamics of this simple truth have not changed. As the coding language becomes more advanced, new possibilities are added and old ones improved upon. Over time, CSS was developed into CSS2 and later CSS2.1.

Now CSS3 is the standard web developers aspire to and CSS4 looms over the horizon. If Internet businesses and entrepreneurs hope to stay competitive in their respective niches, their websites must reflect all the latest improvements in Internet user experience. Sleek designs of CSS menu bars are an important part for achieving this and CSS3 Menu is an excellent software that you can see in action for free.

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