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Q: Hi Guys - this is probably finger troubles on my part.

I'm wanting to change the menus on an existing site to css3menu. I'm using
one page as a test page and it's looking great except for one of the items.

On my normal pages it brings up a new window. But on the "contact Page" which uses css3menu no window is opened.
You'll notice that it uses JavaScript to open a window. Is this allowed?

A: You can try to change the target for submenu.

TARGET controls where the new document will be displayed when the user follows the link.

There are 4 types for target:
* "_blank" - opens the new document in a new window;
* "_parent" - is used in the situation where a frameset file is nested inside another
frameset file;
* "_self" - puts the new document in the same window and frame as the current document;
* "_top" - loads the linked document in the topmost frame.


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