Where should upload css side menu generated files?

Q: Dear madame or Sir,

In have made a menu with CSS3 menu 4.7 and tied to insert it into my html code. I did not succeed, I just get a list. I did copy the style folder and I can open the style code on the site page. I also get a list when I try to open this CSS3 Menu witte slang.html directly in my email program.

A: Generated folder should be into the same folder with your page (where you added CSS3Menu) on your server. For example, you have the following folders and files on your server:


So, if you add CSS3Menu into:
* "main_page.html" page - "css3menu" folder should be into a root folder on your server;
* "page1.html" or "page2.html" - "css3menu" folder should be into "pages" folder on your
* "page3.html" or "page4.html" - "css3menu" folder should be into "new_pages" folder on
your server.


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