Bootstrap eCommerce Theme Overview

Most of website design developers are obsessed with the current trends and technology of developing and designing sites. The passion that they have driven their design process and assures high-quality web development that will incorporate technologies that will be reasonable to your entire business.

bootstrap ecommerce theme

Now, your 2018 will be all about the experience of luxurious from their ability to create and design your business website using these technologies. These include the machine learning, virtual reality, as well as the voice user interface. These have been honed and are currently the mainstream in technologies. Now, it is possible for every person who wants a business site to see a simple design, which is clean and makes ways for the outlined immersive technologies.

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Bootstrap 4 Basis

Bootstrap is one of the most critical methods or framework that is applied by many developers for creating reliable and fast responsive sites as well as mobile apps. It was initially developed by Twitter a few years ago and went through various editing, each step making it better and popular. Their primary aim was to create a tool which does not apply any code structure. Every developer has his/her way to developing their artwork. Bootstrap is just a toolbox that comprises a series of valuable functions plus components that may be useful in the process of creating your site. In fact, Bootstrap is known to enable you to select from whatever equipment you like, and you can be assured that all these elements won’t collide with each other.

Features of Mobirise Website Builder

So, What is Mobirise? Well, Mobirise is one of the most popular and crucial offline site developers for both Mac and Windows. This means that the software requires being downloaded and installed onto your desktop so that you can use it. It is the best website builder for ecommerce that depend mostly on the Drag-and-Drop features.

bootstrap ecommerce template

Personally, I can describe Mobirise as one of the most efficient, simple, free and Drag-and-drop mobile responsive site builder, which is available even without the access of connection when creating a site. Do you need the most sensitive, CSS, JavaScript, Mobile, HTML, a driven website without necessarily breaking your bank? Well, Mobirise is your solution. The following are some of the essential features of Mobirise, which makes it outstanding when it comes to web development and designing.

Getting Started (How To Use Mobirise)

Most developers do not realize that you can have a website builder that does not use a web browser. Mobirise is application software, which can do it offline. To get started, you are required to download and install the Mobirise Software but believe in me; it is quick for you to set up this software compared to the most of the hosted sites developers, which importantly requires no downloads. Therefore, when using the Mobirise, you do not have to sign up or register/divulge the information for you to start downloading the software. The file that you are required to download is relatively small in size, and you can do it quickly, the installation, on the other hand, is lighting fast, and you do not need to fill any form at any stage. It is just as simple as that. In fact, in my desktop, the downloadable file went from a compressed zip file to a ready-to-use site developer within seconds. This is an impressive service that you have never experienced.

Mobirise Website Blocks

Here is where most developers get confused, due to the attractiveness of the site blocks. Mobirise does not provide the web developers or designers with any template. However, instead of the model, you will select between 10 sets of the site blocks, which are also known as the themes, which differs when it comes to design. In this case, a single set of the site block is free to use, while other nine sets are paid. The Themes are responsible for replacing the latest Bootstrap templates and can highly be utilized in the foundation of creating the website.

ecommerce bootstrap theme free

Every Website Block has various specific functionality of the entire software or system. These include the footers, headers, sliders, content, forms, galleries among others.

When it comes to the Bootstrap 4 website blocks, the CommerceM4 Bootstrap eCommerce Theme is one of the best Bootstrap Theme that is offered by Mobirise to developers. eCommerce Shops Template is an incredible Bootstrap eCommerce Theme that can be utilized to create some commercial websites, having many sets of site blocks to sell your product. Therefore, if you are searching for a developer to assist you in creating a business website, or an online shop, just do it yourself using the Mobirise App, integrated with the CommerceM4 Bootstrap eCommerce Theme. It does not require any coding knowledge or background skills in web design or development. The CommerceM4 Bootstrap eCommerce Theme enables you to present your identity, your services or products, and your entire team.

free bootstrap ecommerce theme

It is compatible with the Mobirise 4 Free Bootstrap Templates, and you can get the website blocks such as the Shoe Demo, Cafe Demo, and Headphone Demo to see some of the examples of sites you can create. Some of the available website blocks in this CommerceM4 Bootstrap eCommerce Theme includes the Menus, Headers, Images & Videos, Shops, Galleries &Sliders, Content Blocks, Features, Team Blocks, Info Blocks, Pricing Tables, Maps and Forms, Testimonials and Comments among others.

Modernity of Features

The Mobirise App represents the most current and updated features to help the web developers and designers to undertake their respective work with ease and appear with the modern features. The Website blocks provided by the Mobirise App, particularly the HTML Bootstrap Themes are modern.

free bootstrap ecommerce template

They will represent your e-commerce site most lucidly and straightforwardly, to be accessed even by those people using the mobile phones. The websites created using the Mobirise Web Builder are more responsive, compared with the others, which will increase the profit margin of your online shop.


Do you want to make your site more responsive? Well, this is the best solution for you. Mobirise App develops sites which are mobile-friendly and very responsive when opened using the Mobile Phone devices. Having more users of Phone Devices, it is paramount to make your sites more mobile-friendly, with the primary purposes of increasing the traffic. Everything available in your website can be easily accessed using the mobile devices, and this makes your site traffic to significantly increase, compared to other websites which do not have an integrated platform to enable mobile access.


  • Extremely easy to use and quick to download as well as to install
  • Pretty good and enough customization options
  • Ample Website Blocks
  • Incredible designs and Lego-like pages blocks
  • Does not require coding knowledge
  • Less expensive compared to other services for web builder


  • Not a Hosted Solution

Final Verdict

Having reviewed the Mobirise 4 Bootstrap eCommerce Theme, as well as other components offered by the Mobirise App, it stands out to be the best Application that can be used even by less experienced designers.

The Websites that are created using the Mobirise App are more customizable and can also build a site for your e-commerce shop. It has many features, and it’s compatible with the mobiles, which makes your site traffic and visitors to increase.

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