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The world is changing every day and it feels like we have to be quicker at all what we do. We have to catch up with new trends, our competitors and other things to be up-to-date. As for web design, it’s counterproductive to create websites manually. As long as you’re coding one page, writing and fixing code, all your opponents could already create over 30 pages like this. If you are focused on the efficiency and effectiveness of your work, it’s time to use simple-to-handle web design solutions like free website builder applications.

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What is a website generator?

Website generators are web design tools people use to create websites quickly and without coding. One of the best free website builders is Mobirise. Mobirise Free Bootstrap Builder allows you to build responsive mobile-optimized websites with no need to code anything. All you have to do is drag and drop blocks (website sections) and design them in the easiest manner.

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There are offline and online website generators. Mobirise Free Website Generator falls into the category of offline web design tools. This has positives: you can work on your website even if you’re not connected to the internet.

Mobirise is also a free software. You won’t be asked for upgrading to a paid version, there are no free trials neither. Mobirise Free Website Generator and its standard themes and extensions are completely free for any purpose.

How to create a website with it?

Building a website with this free website generator is as easy and simple as it looks like.


First of all, download this software and install it on your computer with Windows or Mac OS. This actions will take you just less than one minute. After that you can launch Mobirise best website builder application and get started.

Creating a page

Using Mobirise doesn’t require any tech knowledge or programming skills. That’s what the most of users love it for: you can work on serious projects like playing a game. Move your mouse to a top left corner to roll out a menu, click on “Sites” and “Create New Site”, choose a template you want to build your website with and you will see a blank page.

Drag and drop blocks

If you click on the red button at the bottom, you will see a blocks panel. The amount of the blocks depends on what theme you use for your project. If it’s a default theme, there are over 80 website blocks for various purposes. Summing up all existing blocks Mobirise Free Mobile Website Creator offers - there are more than 800 sections. This is what could make your website look unique just because there’s more than sufficient stuff to choose from.

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Website blocks are divided in several groups: menus, headers, features, contact forms, footers etc. It’s simple to navigate between blocks to pick the needed one.

Now click on a block, drag it and drop on the page. Just do the same with other blocks you like and place them in an order you want. If you want to change the order of blocks or remove some of them, you can use blocks options in the upper right corner of each block.

Design your website

As said above, each block has options which allow you to customize them.

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To change the appearance of a block, just click on the blue button in the right top corner of it. Here you can change backgrounds, size of your block, amount of elements and items, their appearance and so on.

Fill your site with content

As soon as you’ve finished designing website blocks, you can type or insert your own content. It’s easy to edit: with a few mouse clicks you are able to set the font size, font type, text align, text color and other parameters.

Add images or videos as easily as possible: click on them to replace them or use block parameters for this.

Preview your website

Now your website is ready. But how does it look on another device? Use the device preview buttons at the top center. By clicking on them you will switch between mobile, tablet and desktop views previewing your website and modifying it according to its appearance.

Press “Preview” to check how your website looks in a browser.

Publish your site

Once all the work is ultimately done, publish your website by clicking on “Publish”. You will get 3 options: publishing to a local folder, via FTP to your server or to Github Pages. What the most of Mobirise customers like on it is that they can have their website uploaded wherever they want.


This was an easy tutorial for an easy-to-manage free website generator.

You can also watch this video tutorial:

Now we don’t have time for more complicated solutions and we don’t need them, too. This free website creator helps you automate your web design process. This saves your time, your money and your efforts. Moreover, it gives more results in what you’re trying to achieve. This is why we should use software like Mobirise Free Site Maker.

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