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If we decide upon setting up a website for our business, we first look at the pre-made solutions such as website templates. Nowadays, it’s easier to find an AMP one page template for a landing page and customize it unique instead of coding a website entirely from scratch. This way we save our time and probably money since we are able to construct websites ourselves without requesting any help from professional web designers/developers. One of the problems we may encounter is choosing the right template for our website among the various lots of them out there.

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The appropriate AMP Layout Template should meet some requirements: it should be mobile-friendly, fully responsive, unique, SEO and Google compliant, modern and trendy.

One of the templates that matches all these rules is ArchitectAMP based on Mobirise Free Website Builder. It features Bootstrap 4 web framework and Google AMP what makes it completely responsive and super fast, so that site visitors won’t wait at all until your website’s loaded.

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AMP trend

Today AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are to find everywhere. Every social network offers some possibilities to post AMP-based articles, a lot of blogs and news pages are also AMP-driven. And the quantity of this kind of pages is still growing rapidly. What makes these pages attractive is that they provide a way better mobile experience due to a cutdown loading time. AMP Pages achieve this through special AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP Cache technologies developed personally by Google people.

AMP Landing Page template

Since recent times, there are AMP website builders that help businesses and individuals to build these AMP pages on their own. As already said above, Mobirise AMP Website Builder is one of the most popular and reliable AMP Website Builders that feature AMP themes and make this wonderful trend accessible for non-coders.

What is ArchitectAMP?

ArchitectAMP is just one of the Mobirise AMP templates that is initially built for architects, interior design firms, construction companies, exterior designers and others.

AMP Landing Page template

Despite the title, this AMP Landing Page Template can freely be used for building any other types of websites. This is what makes Mobirise and its templates so special: they can be personalized to something completely new and different as opposed to the initial design.

Website Blocks

Mobirise is a block-based website builder software so its themes are some kind of composed block-sets. Each theme has a unique number of blocks that deliver differently looking designs. ArchitectAMP contains over 20 customizable sections, other templates can have more than 90 web blocks. There are two types of menus, headers, several features blocks, teams, clients, testimonials, socials, images, videos, contents and much more.

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Each Mobirise AMP Landing Page Template offers new features that make users’ websites stand out from others. ArchitectAMP distinguishes itself through background color figures that let you easily set up a modern skewed background color separator and a stylish background circle. Moreover, this is the only AMP Landing Page Template that provides a decent blocks separator.

How to work with it?

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Mobirise and the Architect AMP Landing Page Template, you can launch it and start creating your business or private landing page.

The first thing you’ve got to do is examine all the blocks available in this theme. Click on the red right bottom button and you will see all AMP sections. Pick some blocks and drag and drop them on your blank page.

After your blocks are placed and ordered, you can swap out text, image and video examples for your own ones. By clicking on the “gear” button positioned top-right in the block you can change the design of your section: set a background image/video/color, background overlays and figures, remove or add block elements, change their appearance and a lot more.

In the main menu under “Pages” you can conveniently add new pages, edit their title and description. The site setting contains options for setting a favicon, Google Analytics, SEO files. Here you can also export your project.

AMP Page Template

Once everything is completely done, you are ready to publish your masterpiece. There are 3 possibilities: publish to a local drive, via FTP and to Github Pages. There are no hosting preferences, so you can independently choose every hosting server you want.


People don’t need to be convinced that ArchitectAMP is an excellent web design solution for an online business.

Versatile blocks, great customization opportunities, modernity and high functionality of websites speak of the ArchitectAMP theme as one of the best AMP mobile templates existing on the current web.

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